Junior Rugby League was originally played by various state schools in a competition known as Zone 4 with 5 & 6 stone divisions.

Although representing their schools, some parents believed a young solid boy, though he may be only 10 years of age, should play against a 12 year old (grade 7) as they would be a more similar size. However, the older boys usually had more experience and had a much harder physique.

With this in mind, some parents formed the Pittsworth Junior Rugby League and competition began in 1968.

Today the Pittsworth Junior Rugby League Club is well supported in Pittsworth having over 180 children signed on in 2013 and 11 teams in the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition.


Training is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm at Club Pittsworth


Meetings are held on the Thursday after the second Monday of the month at Club Pittsworth starting at 7:00pm


President Paul Hanlon

0427 763 608

Vice President Cameron Saal


Jilliene Ruhle


Katrina Thompson

Registrar Tina Kahler

Coaching Director Lyndon McGinn
0417 643 340

Fundraising- Jaime Fing

Volunteer Coordinator- Tammy Brose

Publicity Officer- Jaime Fing

Purchasing Officer- Rodney Kahler

Grounds Officer- Fonzy

First Aid Coordinator- Rose Fraser

Club Patron Doug Lee